Spoiler alert: The Joneses are broke. That means keeping up with them will only get you into MORE debt! It’s time to run fast and hard in the other direction, and Financial Peace University will show you how.

Financial Peace University

...is a nine-week course on spending and saving money God's way. Often, debt and uncontrolled spending keep us from being good, doing good, and enjoying life.


Members of this class will learn to manage money entrusted to them by saving, eliminating debt, giving generously, and investing for the future. Using money the way God intends will impact our lives for good beyond financial.

Join us every Wednesday at 7pm from September 11 through November 6.

 The cost for the course is $100. Anyone is welcome to come check it out the first week for free, and scholarships are available.

For more information, please contact Mike Cheek.

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