Marriage Ministries 

"Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate."

  -Mark 10:9

About Us

At Newstart, we value marriage as Christ did and want to support all couples by providing resources and encouragement no matter where you are in your relationship. Click here to learn more about our mission, purpose and team.

Resources Available

Whether you're pre-marital, a remarriage, a couple seeking enrichment, or a couple currently experiencing difficulties, we want to provide resources you  will find valuable at any stage of your marriage.

How can we help?


Entering into a marital covenant is a major step in your spiritual life and we want to help you be as prepared as you can be! Newstart’s goal is to guide engaged couples and newlyweds towards building a firm foundation on which to grow. Contact David Mabry with questions!


Newstart’s Marriage Ministry team wants to help you develop useful skills to enrich your marriage, no matter which stage you’re in. Whether you need tools to improve your communication and conflict resolution, you’re interested in attending a couple’s retreat, or you want to take an assessment to learn your marriage’s areas of strength and potential growth, we can help. Contact a member of the marriage team today!


When our brothers and sisters in Christ are hurting, we’re hurting. Don’t feel like you’re alone when your marriage is struggling. We want to partner with you to help you find the restoration and healing that God desires for you. If your marriage is in crisis, please reach out to David Mabry.


We understand that remarriages are vastly different than first marriages. That's why Newstart provides support and resources geared toward preventing re-divorce, while supporting and strengthening stepfamilies and blended families. For more information, contact Kristin Engler.

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