• Katie Bock

Apr. 22 - Calebb Proehl

On Sunday,  Calebb Proehl, the Associate Pastor to Families with Teens from New Life Church of the Nazarene in Mount Vernon, was our guest speaker. He shared an amazing testimony which showed God working in incredible ways throughout his life. It is a very personal story that can only be told by Calebb  himself, so be sure to watch it here on Newstart's Ustream page.

Calebb talked about Rock Movers, people who answer God's call by showing up in your life to move rocks, in the same way that the rock was moved aside on Lazarus's tomb as Jesus restored him to life. God wants us to move rocks in the lives of others, but that can feel like a pretty tall order sometimes. How do we start? Calebb shared a 3-step way to become a Rock Mover:

1. Know the King and ask God to give you his eyes daily. Look at people the way that God would.

2. Be all there. Commit yourself.

3. Stand up, dust off, get a new haircut, get a clean shave and drive on. Don't let setbacks stop you. You're on a mission for God. Just keep trucking!

Jesus, we want sharing the good news about you to be a way of life for us. Help us make the most of every opportunity this week, trusting You to give us Your words. Help us speak gently to those we spend time with this week about our hope we have in you. Would you speak through us this week in a way that surprises us and stirs the hearts of those to whom we speak to seek Your forgiveness, truth, and love.
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